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Does Your Lifestyle Impact Your Insurance?

It’s an unhappy fact of life that some people actively seek out people to sue. How does that affect you? It affects you if you own a swimming pool in your backyard. Someone could fall in or injure themselves when diving into it. Instant lawsuit. That adorable dog that lies across your lap and watches TV at night could bite someone. Lawsuit.

When you’re lucky enough to amass homes, cars, boats, and other signs of wealth, then protecting that wealth with an umbrella policy is paramount. That cool lifestyle now makes you vulnerable to anyone with a lawsuit. Northwestern Insurance Group LLC serving the Portland, OR metroplex will give you an umbrella policy whose limits rise above your normal insurance. Coverage for a couple of million protects you from lawsuit-happy people.

Examples Of Umbrella Coverage

    • When your teen drives your car and causes an accident that exceeds the auto policy limits. If the other driver sues, umbrella coverage kicks in to pay the court costs and the award.

    • You’re on vacation using segues and other rentals. An incident happens that maxes out your insurance. An umbrella policy will help pay for everything.

    • If you’re liable for injury or damages at a Portland. OR hobby show, then umbrella insurance will help pay for it.

Pros And Cons Of Umbrella Insurance


      • Protects from excessive home or auto liability claims  

    • Coverage goes into the millions


    • Not useful for the other-than high net-worth persons and families

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It’s when the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to establish is threatened that you need umbrella insurance. Please call us or visit Northwestern Insurance Group LLC, and we’ll tell you more about it.