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Types Of Recreational Insurance That You May Need

Recreational insurance protects against financial loss while participating in recreational activities.

Learn about some common types of recreational insurance you may need:

Boat Insurance

Boat insurance protects against damages and injuries that occur while operating a watercraft. The amount of coverage is dependent upon the individual policy. Boat insurance types include liability insurance, physical damage insurance, and add-ons. 

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance policies are similar to automotive insurance policies. The year, make, and model of a motorcycle will need to be submitted to an agent at Northwestern Insurance Group LLC.

An insurance agent serving Portland, OR can draw up a custom motorcycle policy that will provide you with the coverage you need when riding your motorcycle.

RV And Travel Trailer Insurance

An RV that will be driven needs to be insured. A liability insurance plan will protect against damage to another person’s vehicle or property when the RV is being driven.

A more comprehensive insurance policy will protect against theft or damage that the insured RV incurs. The type of RV that you own will determine how much your insurance coverage costs.

A travel trailer that is going to be towed behind a vehicle can be insured too. The insurance will protect against damage or theft that occurs while the trailer is actively towed or parked.

Consult With Us

Northwestern Insurance Group LLC serving Portland, OR can assist you with drawing up a customary insurance plan that will provide your recreational equipment with adequate coverage.

Provide information about the recreational equipment that you own and the manner in which you use it. We will provide you with guidance concerning the level of coverage that you will need.