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Can You Have Two Homes on a Home Insurance Policy?

For homeowners in Portland, OR who have more than one home, it’s good to ask whether it’s possible to put both homes on a single home insurance policy or if you need to explore other options if that’s not possible. Our team at Northwestern Insurance Group LLC is used to walking homeowners through the process of figuring out how much coverage they need for one or more properties. Although every home insurance policy may have terms, limits, and conditions that are unique to that policy, there are some general rules for how home insurance tends to work.

Can Two Homes Be on One Home Insurance Policy?

At first glance, having one home insurance policy for every property you own might seem like the most convenient option. As insurance professionals know, every home has different needs and, therefore, requires an individualized policy. Those who have more than one house may have a homeowner’s insurance policy for their primary residence and then purchase a secondary dwelling policy for the second house. After all, you’ll probably leave the vacation or secondary residence vacant for long periods which could affect what the vacation property’s insurance needs may be.

Although it can seem like a hassle to have two home insurance policies, it helps if you stay organized on which home has which type of coverage. Getting your home insurance policies from the same agency such as ours can ensure that your agents can help clear up any confusion that may arise from this situation. Having all of your insurance policies through the same agency can also make it easier for you to keep track of payments and claims.

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