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Four things you’ll love about your boat insurance policy

Owning your own boat is an enviable luxury that you can enjoy with friends and family. However, boat ownership can also open you up to some financial risks. That’s why it’s so important for boat owners in Portland, OR to have boat insurance. Northwestern Insurance Group LLC offers boat insurance coverage that protects your finances while you’re enjoying boating activities.

The following are four things that you’ll love about your boat insurance policy. 

Enjoying coverage for damages from theft and vandalism

Boat insurance coverage extends to damages resulting from theft and vandalism, providing financial protection to boat owners. This coverage ensures that boat owners can recover repair or replacement costs in the event of these unfortunate incidents.

Being covered for financial damages in the event of a boat accident

Boat insurance includes coverage for damages resulting from boating collisions, whether it involves other vessels, stationary objects, or underwater hazards. This essential coverage helps boat owners manage repair or replacement expenses in the event of accidents on the water.

Feeling like a more responsible boater

Carrying boat insurance instills a sense of responsibility among boat owners. Knowing they are financially protected fosters a commitment to safe boating practices and proper maintenance, contributing to a safer and more accountable boating community.

Having emergency towing assistance available

Boat insurance policies often include emergency towing assistance as a valuable benefit. This service provides peace of mind to boat owners, knowing they can receive prompt assistance in case of breakdowns or unforeseen issues while out on the water.

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We can provide you with a boat insurance policy in Portland, OR at Northwestern Insurance Group LLC. If you’re looking for a quote on a boat insurance policy, give us a call, and we’ll provide you with a policy quote.