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-Northwestern Insurance Group
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We invite you to give us a call and partner with an agent from Northwestern Insurance Group. The professionals who form the network of consultants and risk management experts of our company will be happy to provide you with the sound advice that you need. Call (888) 239 6944 for assistance!

Welcome to Northwestern Insurance Group!

Many American families and business owners face the same dilemma as you do. They have loved ones, health, personal property, business properties and employees to take care of. Is there an insurance company that can help them in establishing security for entities that are valuable to them? Northwestern Insurance Group says a definite YES!

Northwestern Insurance Group is a multiline insurance agency offering insurance products and risk management services. We cover health insurance, life insurance, boat insurance and other personal insurance services that Oregon residents have a demand for today. Our agency also caters to business owners who want to secure their commercial property and comply with state standards in providing benefits for their employees through Workers Compensation Insurance. To view a full list of our services, please visit the page that outlines what our agency does.